Secure Expensive Liquid Products of tankers with the assistance of Megatech trackers.

Logistics of Expensive Liquid Products through tankers is susceptible to pilferage and theft.

It is mandatory for Oil Tankers to have an onboard tracking device, allowing Fleet Managers to monitor their fleets remotely allowing greater control of their products.

Our security products integrate with cargo sensors and security seals and locks to maintain the integrity of the product and allowing data to be transmitted through our tracking devices to management administrative control.

By using "I-Safe" (Intrinsically Safe) certified wireless and sensing technology to control access to fuel stores on trucks, rail wagons and underground tanks at retail stations. Furthermore, we provide an electronic audit trail of flow from location to location and asset to asset throughout the chain of custody. This audit trail eliminates much of the need for legacy written manifests and provides real time actionable business information for operational decision makers throughout the chain.

Armed now with this increased visibility and control over fuel flow, a client company is able to recognize a series of financial benefits, some of which include:

Reduction in the cost of excess fuel inventory resulting from real time visibility of and reconciliation of fuel transfer throughout the chain of custody.
Reduction of “run outs” at the retail level.

Improvement in asset utilization through real time visibility to wagon and trucking assets and their use in and out of service.
This improvement translates to increased volume with existing asset base.

A significant reduction in unaccounted fuel shrinkage through a significantly improved control over quantity transfers the distribution chain.

Service Covered

Nationwide Coverage
Administrative Control of the Engine
Container Door Sealing and Monitoring *
Route Monitoring
Web Access
Voice Communication
Valve and Hatch Seals and Locks *