• Every second minute a car is stolen or snatched in Pakistan protect yours with "Megatech Trackers".


Tracking Solution

Megatech trackers is logistically simple, technology advance tracker company that serves the clients with consummate professionalism.

Advanced fleet management software solutions

Through real-time positioning and tracking of vehicles, corporate sector and private sector companies can have more visibility into their cars location and status. In the event of an emergency, or some other abnormal situation, the platform will immediately send out an alert, helping to ensure the security of vehicles and reducing losses.

Real-time GPS Tracking and Instant Alert

Companies can view the position of all vehicles simultaneously on our platform. If a car is stolen, you can leverage the GPS tracker to confirm the location and recover the stolen vehicle.


Rental car companies can set up geo-fences on the platform, which allows the dispatch to receive an alert when their vehicles enter or leave.


Megatech Tracker track your business vehicles, driver's and assets in real time using internet-connected device. No need for additional software - everything is accessed over the mobile and web.

You can access all your vehicle and driver information to see timesheets and daily route maps.

Our system is designed so you can easily navigate from one report or map to another to drill into more detail.

Core Features of Our Fleet:


High-resolution maps with smart clustering and detail on demand provide a simple yet powerful vehicle tracking solution to:

Help Reduce Fuel Consumption

Monitor vehicle diagnostics & vehicle maintenance needs

Keep tabs on your mobile workforce and equipment

Prevent unauthorized out of area use (geofencing)

Why our services:

Megatech can "Green" your fleet by reducing idle time and enable you to make sound business decisions based on real data.

What Are Clients Say About Us

Enterprise fleet tracking connects your technology and resources

Integrate your enterprise fleet and workforce platform with other technology your business has invested in. Use our partner network to access additional integrated solutions and create even more value for your business.

API integration

Use APIs to build custom integrations between our software and other systems you use in your business.

Mobile apps

Use mobile apps in the field to communicate with workers.


Browse our list of integration partners who make it simpler for you to enhance your core fleet management software..

Plan better driver routes and schedules

Enhance the routes your drivers take and improve customer satisfaction with intelligent planning, dispatching and strategic forecasting.